This life sized men's loafer was made entirely from pasta and white school glue. Noodles were cooked, woven, shaped around a tinfoil form and then slowly dried in the oven. Pieces are then assembled, and held together with glue.


This custom drafted, lined swimsuit is made entirely from plastic and polyester patched together using a zig zag stitch.


Drafted bodice has been hand dyed with indigo using two different shibori techniques. I was a little unhappy with the armhole seam, but other than that it turned out pretty nice.


Wedding bouquet made from kozo paper dyed with watercolour paint. Each petal was hand cut, dip dyed and shaped around a wire stem.


Ceramic bust sculpted from life and photographs.


This piece is fashioned after the standard city compost basket and is made entirely from newspaper, kitchen scraps and butcher's twine. It has been fabricated using a coiling technique.


Birds were needle felted from sheep's wool around a wire coil which forms the legs.   


This drafted and machine knit sweater was created in response to a school project that asked students to create a woven or knit piece that responded to "place". My sweater provides camouflage against the colourful tile work at Dufferin subway station in downtown Toronto. 


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